Dynamic Resource Balancing in Cloud Computing Framework


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    Cloud computing brings the potential to deliver flexibility, consolidation, and high resource utilization to data centers, and virtualization is the key layer. High resource utilization as well as high performance promised by virtualization largely depends on an effective and efficient resource management scheme. There is a great demand on building a multilayered resource management mechanism via virtualization: using the characters of the virtual machine to build a predictive resource model and then export the allocation strategy, finally the resource can be allocated dynamically on demand. We should focus not only on the resource utilization rate on the physical machines, but also the change of resource demand while running for the application on the virtual machines. The final target is to get a suit of virtual resource management technology, which could be widely used in the static deployment, dynamic prediction, and resource management between virtual machines or physical machines, to support the cloud computing powerfully.

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WANG Zhi-gang, WANG Xiao-lin, LUO Ying-wei. Dynamic Resource Balancing in Cloud Computing Framework[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2012,1(4):19-24

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