A Clustering-Based Enhanced Classification Algorithm for Imbalanced Data


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    Imbalanced data exist widely in the real world and their classification is a hot topic in the field of machine learning. A clustering-based enhanced AdaBoost algorithm was proposed to improve the poor classification performance produced by the traditional algorithm in classifying the minority class of imbalanced datasets. The algorithm firstly constructs balanced training sets by the clustering-based undersampling, using K-means clustering to cluster the majority class and extract cluster centroids and then merge with all minority class instances to generate a new balanced training set. To avoid the declining of the classification accuracy caused by the shortage of training sets owing to too few minority class samples, SMOTE (Synthetic Minority Oversampling Technique) combining the clustering-based undersampling was used. Next, the misclassification loss function in the basic classifier of the AdaBoost algorithm was modified based on the costsensitive learning theory to assign asymmetric misclassification losses to samples of different classes. The experimental results show that, the proposed algorithm makes the model training samples more representative and greatly increases the classification accuracy of the minority class, keeping the overall classification performance.

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HU Xiaosheng, ZHANG Runjing, ZHONG Yong. A Clustering-Based Enhanced Classification Algorithm for Imbalanced Data[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2014,3(2):35-41

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