Temporary Adhesives for Thin Wafer Handling


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    3D integrated circuits (3D-ICs) by stacking electronic devices can increase system capacity and functionality while decreasing the overall footprint. Through-silicon via (TSV) technology based on thin wafers (typically below 100 μm) has been developed to realize 3D-IC packaging over the last decades. Due to their fragileness and tendency of warping, thin device wafer needs to be bonded firmly to a carrier wafer during TSV processing and readily separated from the carrier after processing. The present research situation of temporary adhesive used in this processing was introduced in this paper, and the properties of a novel temporary adhesive based on thermoplastic resin were investigated systematically. This novel adhesive possesses excellent rheological properties, thermal stability, chemical resistance and sufficient bonding strength, and convenient post-processing. These results extend the candidate polymers for temporary bonding materials and can ultimately promote the practical application of the TSV technology.

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SHUAI Xingtian, ZHANG Guoping, DENG Libo, SUN Rong, LI Shiwei, WONG Chingping. Temporary Adhesives for Thin Wafer Handling[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2014,3(6):102-110

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