Design of Polarization-Based Particle Guiding System on Silicon Platform


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    The micro-manipulation technology has extended its function from particle trapping and transportation to particle sorting and guiding. The silicon-based optical tweezer is one of the most important means in this domain, because it can break through diffraction limit and realize the operation of particles with submicron dimension. Conventional silicon-based optical tweezer systems usually consist of microring, directional coupler and multimode interferometer, and realize the guiding operation by tuning the optical wavelengths. In this paper, a polarization-based particle guiding method and system was investigated. The system parameters were optimized by the finite-different time-domain method. And the feasibility of particle guiding operation was verified. The proposed micro-manipulation system has the advantages of compact size, simple structure and easy to operate.

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YING Zhoufeng, JIAO Wenxiang, JIANG Min, WANG Guanghui. Design of Polarization-Based Particle Guiding System on Silicon Platform[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2016,5(5):83-89

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