Research on Vibration Characteristics of Tilted Induction Motor


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    Subject to the space of installation and working condition, tilt-mounted asynchronous motor is prone to excessive vibration. In this paper, an experimental device is designed to investigate the vibration characteristics of tilt-mounted asynchronous motor by considering its structural characteristics. The stiffness characteristics of asynchronous motor system with vibration damping pad are analyzed firstly. Finite element analysis is used to calculate stiffness coefficient of vibration damping pad with different thickness. In real experiments, different thickness of rubber vibration isolation cushion are used for the vibration test and analysis. And the experimental results show that, the resonance speed of asynchronous motor decreases with the reduction of vibration damping pad stiffness, while the tilt angle of 5° is adopted. This conclusion can provide guidance for the design and installation of tilt-mounted asynchronous motor and shock absorber.

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ZENG Qiuhong, XIAO Chun, LIU Jiezhong. Research on Vibration Characteristics of Tilted Induction Motor[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2019,8(3):76-81

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