An Accurate Bin-Picking System Using Temporal Encoded Structured Light Sensor


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    Robot bin-picking system is an important component in many automation applications, such as sorting, loading, and unloading. However, it is difficult to calculate the pose of object reliably, quickly, and accurately in the environment where the object is obscured or placed disorderly. This paper proposes a 3D vision-guided bin-picking system for free-form objects. In this system, the structured light systems are used to carry out high-precision 3D reconstruction of the targets and to establish the off-line 3D template library. Furthermore, standard template is matched with the point cloud of the scene after preprocessing. After the matching parameters are obtained, the robot’s posture is calculated by the transformation matrix between the coordinate systems, and the robot is guided to complete the grasp of the target object. Experimental results show that the robot bin-picking system can grasp irregular targets reliably, quickly, and precisely.

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KONG Lingsheng, CUI Xining, GUO Junguang, et al. An Accurate Bin-Picking System Using Temporal Encoded Structured Light Sensor[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2020,9(2):38-49

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