Design of Submarine in-Situ High Resolution 2D Time-Shift Seismic Detection System


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    There is a risk of geological disaster in the large-scale exploitation of submarine hydrate, so it is necessary to monitor the exploitation process. Time-lapse seismic can be used to retrieve the seismic reflection characteristics of reservoir sediments caused by hydrate decomposition. Based on the high-resolution multichannel seismic technology, a two-dimensional time-lapse seismic system is proposed in this paper. The structure design, flow design and key parameters design of the system and its main components are given, and the design process and relevant basis are discussed in detail. The system is mainly composed of deep water sparker, deep water multi-element receiving cable, multi-channel data acquisition system, battery pack and its management system. At the same time, it also includes deep water motor, deep water slip ring and automatic cable arranging device. The maximum excitation energy of the sparker is 1 000 J, and the receiving cable is composed of 16 deep-water hydrophones with pressure resistance of 20 MPa. The gap distance between the hydrophones is 1 m. The received seismic wavelet is processed by the 16 channel acquisition system and stored in situ. The system is powered by lithium battery and adopts the periodic wake-up mode. It is designed to work underwater for 2 months and conduct data acquisition once an hour. The maximum working depth of the system is 1 500 m, the maximum stratum penetration depth is 250 m and the maximum resolution is 0.5 m. The insitu excitation and acquisition of seabed can perfectly achieve the spatial consistency of acquisition data, and ensure that the time-lapse seismic data can reflect the seismic reflection characteristics of reservoir sediments in the process of hydrate mining.

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JIANG Min, XIE Jinxing, WAN Zhiying, et al. Design of Submarine in-Situ High Resolution 2D Time-Shift Seismic Detection System[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2020,9(4):58-67

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