Temporary Bonding Materials Solution for Ultra-thin Device Processing


Key-Area Research and Development Program of Guangdong Province (2020B010180001)

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    As a key technology to solve advanced manufacturing and packaging, temporary bonding technology, as a high reliability solution for the processing of thin wafer devices, has attracted more and more attention. According to the different ways of de-bonding, thermal slip de-bonding material system and ultraviolet laser de-bonding material system are introduced in this paper. Thermal slip de-bonding materials (WLP TB130 and WLP TB140) were manufactured. Both of materials showed higher heat resistance and chemical resistance properties than foreign products. And the 5% weightlessness of materials were over 400 ℃. WLP TB140 even could be separated from the supporting waferat 160 ℃ by thermal-slipde-bonding technique. Ultraviolet laser de-bonding material system with release layer (WLP LB210) and adhesive layer (WLP TB4130) was manufactured, ultra-thin device bonded were separated from the supporting wafer using ultraviolet laser at room temperature and stress free.

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LIU Qiang, XIA Jianwen, LI Xujun, SUN Deliang, HUANG Mingqi, CHEN Wei, ZHANG Guoping, SUN Rong. Temporary Bonding Materials Solution for Ultra-thin Device Processing[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2021,10(1):23-34

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