Development of Low-power Communication Beacons for Marine Instruments


The National Natural Science Foundation of China (92058209, 41676033), Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission Project (KQTD20170810111725321, JCYJ20180504170422082, GJHZ20170313101107497), and Equipment and Technology Platform for Marine Resource Exploration & Earthquake Monitorin

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    A reliable recovery system is crucial to marine instruments for effective observations and data acquisitions. The communication beacon between the instrument on the sea and the scientific research ship is a key part of the recovery system. The low-power marine instrument recovery communication beacon designed in this paper is a set of lightweight beacon machines that can be used for marine instrument recovery. The system integrates a global position system (GPS) positioning module and a Lora low-power long-distance communication module. The system can automatically switch to the standby mode while it float up. The system can work continuously for 48 h. Under the low-power standby mode, the theoretical standby time is over 5 years. Once the instrument floats up, the location information can be sent to the nearby ships. The effective communication distance can reach 7 km. The system can bear the pressure up to 9 000 m water depth. Power consumption test and communication test showed that, the proposed instrument has low power consumption, high positioning accuracy, high reliability, and long communication distance.

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LIU Kai, WANG Yizhi, LIU Dan, HUANG Xinfeng, WU Yuechu, YANG Difan, YANG Ting. Development of Low-power Communication Beacons for Marine Instruments[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2021,10(2):29-38

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