Design and Co-simulation of Measurement and Control System of 6 DOF Active Wave Compensation Device


General Project of Natural Science Foundation for Basic and Applied Basic Research of Guangdong Province (2021A1515012552), National Key Research and Development Program (2017YF123900)

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    To realize safely transportation of the personnel and materials on the marine equipment, a 6-DOF active wave compensation device are researched and analyzed in this work. A complete active wave compensation system is designed, which includes the motion measurement system, control system and the actuator. In the motion measurement system, an adaptive MTi inertial sensors was adopted. And the highpass filter was applied for the measurement of ship motion compensation. In addition, a binocular vision system was designed to inspect the motion of platform at the end. And the convolution neural network was applied to realize the fusion of multiple sensors. The controlling system adopted an active disturbance rejection controller which was adjusted by the neural network to obtain fast response, accurate compensation and anti-interference performance. Actuators based on hydraulically-driven Stewart platform. The MATLAB/Simulink and AMESim were used to establish the co-simulation model of machine, electricity and liquid firstly. Then, performance of the proposed system were analyzed and discussed with a comparison with existing techniques.

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YANG Wenlin, ZHOU Xiaoqi, LV Haoliang, ZHANG Gong, HOU Zhicheng, WANG Weijun. Design and Co-simulation of Measurement and Control System of 6 DOF Active Wave Compensation Device[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2021,10(2):50-62

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