Principle Research on Pulsed Sound Source in Deep Sea Based on High-Power Electromagnetic Pulse


Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee (JCYJ20180507182200750) and Economic Promoting Projects in Guangdong Province (GDME-2018D004)

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    It is very important for near-seabed seismic exploration in deep sea that the pulsed sound source has the merits as following: good performance (sound source level and main frequency) less affected by hydrostatic pressure, long working lifetime and easy to be carried by deep sea platform system. In this paper, a deep-sea pulse sound source is developed based on high-power electromagnetic pulse. The key basic problems such as high-power pulse circuit, discharge current in coil load, electromagnetic force excited by current and plate vibration characteristics (amplitude and frequency) excited by electromagnetic force in air medium are investigated by means of Comsol multi-physical simulation, high-current testing and high-speed imaging. Through the high-speed imaging of the plate vibration under different hydrostatic pressure conditions, it is found that the amplitude of the plate vibration decreased slightly with the increase of hydrostatic pressure, and the vibration frequency is not affected by hydrostatic pressure, thus verifying the technical feasibility of this type of transducer working in deep water.

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XIE Jinxing, ZHANG Yongliang, JIANG Min, JIANG Biao, ZHENG Jianglong, LIU Dan, WANG Yizhi, HUANG Yifan. Principle Research on Pulsed Sound Source in Deep Sea Based on High-Power Electromagnetic Pulse[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2021,10(2):98-108

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