Research on Energy Management Strategy of Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning


Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission (KQJSCX20180330170047681), Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory for Autonomous Driving Technology (Y7D004), and Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Electric Vehicle Powertrain Platform and Safety Technology

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    In order to improve the fuel economy and fuel cell lifetime of fuel cell hybrid vehicles, this research proposes an energy management strategy based on deep reinforcement learning (DRL). The strategy first adds a lifetime factor to reward signal of DRL, the lifetime of fuel cell is extended by limiting the power fluctuation. Then, the fuel cell system works in a high efficiency range by limiting the action space of DRL, improving the efficiency of the entire vehicle. After offline training under UDDS, WLTC, and Japan1015, it is applied in real time under NEDC to verify the adaptability of the proposed strategy. The results show that the proposed strategy can converge quickly in offline training, which proves its stability. Compared with dynamic programming-based strategy, the fuel economy difference in training cycles is only 5.58%, 3.03% and 4.65%, which is close to the optimal, and the promotion is 4.46%, 7.26% and 5.35% compared with reinforcement learning-based strategy. Compared with the DRL-based strategy without a lifetime factor, the proposed strategy reduces the average power fluctuation by 10.27%, 47.95%, and 10.85% under training cycles, which is beneficial to improve the fuel cell lifetime. In the real-time application, the fuel economy of the proposed strategy is improved by 3.39% compared with the reinforcement learningbased strategy, which proves its adaptability to unknown cycles.

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LI Wei, ZHENG Chunhua, XU Dezhou. Research on Energy Management Strategy of Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2021,10(3):47-60

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