Analysis on the Trends of Synthetic Biology Research in Medical Applications


Shenzhen Science Technology and Innovation Commission (KQTD2015033117210153) and National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Y9KZ411003)

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    Synthetic biology is an emerging and popular engineering science in the field of life sciences.Its essence is to rationally design, transform and even resynthesize biological systems according to specific goals under the guidance of engineering thoughts, and to study the life sciences focusing on basic problems or major challenges of human beings by constructing artificial biological systems. The core of synthetic biology is to understand the essence of life (build to learn) and creating social and economic value (build to use) through research. Synthetic biotechnology has been evaluated by many countries as one of the disruptive technologies in the future. With broad application prospects in the biomedical field, synthetic biology has become a disruptive science and technology field that developed countries such as Europe and the United States are striving to develop. Based on bibliometrics and patent analysis of synthetic biomedicine, synthetic biomedicine-related literature and patents have shown explosive growth since 2014. The development of synthetic biomedicine in the United States has first-mover advantages, outstanding achievements, while China with outstanding strength is catching up with and surpassing by degrees. This article analyzes the development trend of synthetic biomedicine applications in order to provide a reference for the development and layout of synthetic biomedicine in China.

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LI Yujuan, QIU Huabing, LIU Tianqing, et al. Analysis on the Trends of Synthetic Biology Research in Medical Applications[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2021,10(4):3-16

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