Strategic Research of the Development and Financing Status of Synthetic Biology Industry


Shenzhen Science Technology and Innovation Commission (KQTD2015033117210153)

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    As a multidisciplinary approach, synthetic biology has been developing for almost two decades. It involves almost all fields of biological research, combines the modules of engineering and abstract concepts, introduces new quantitative research methods, and improves people’s understanding of life system. Unlike traditional basic science or single technology, the complexity of synthetic biology significantly increases people’s capacity to apply biology and distribute it among different applications. At present, synthetic biology has made remarkable achievements in the development of enable technology, the establishment of synthetic biology platform, and the application in medical treatment, agriculture and food, and bio-based goods, promoting the development of the blue ocean market. Based on the concept of synthetic biology, numerous companies have emerged in many industrial areas recently. Some startups have thrived, and dominant companies have commercialized the technology through cost advantages. Based on this, the paper briefly introduces and analyzes the development of the synthetic biology industry, combining enterprise type, technology platform and financing conditions to provide reference for the development of technology, industry and investment in synthetic biology.

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ZENG Zhengyang, LIU Xinyu, MA Mingju, AN Yishuo, ZHANG Yihao, LUO Wei, XIA Lin. Strategic Research of the Development and Financing Status of Synthetic Biology Industry[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2021,10(5):104-116

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