Rapid Plant Modeling Based on Sketches


National Natural Science Foundation of China (61972388), Shenzhen Basic Research Program (JCYJ20180507182222355), and Leading Talents of Guangdong Province Program (00201509)

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    Traditional interactive modeling of plants can get accurate plants models, but this process is extremely time-consuming and laborious. Automatic modeling methods like L-system-based methods can generate complex models quickly, but it is difficult for non-expert users because of its high learning cost and poor control over plant morphology. As an intuitive and efficient interaction means, the 2D sketch has a strong descriptive ability for plant morphology. In order to improve the plant modeling efficiency, a plant modeling method based on the 2D sketch is investigated. Firstly, the sketch drawn by the creator is preprocessed and analyzed to infer the creator’s intention. Then, based on the botany knowledge, the depth recovery algorithm of flowers, branches and leaves is proposed to recover the missing depth information in the 2D sketch. Finally, the target plant model is constructed according to the depth and plant characteristics. The proposed method is efficient and can support plant models with branch and leaf structures, such as flowers, potted plants, and trees.

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HE Zhenbang, CHENG Zhanglin. Rapid Plant Modeling Based on Sketches[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2021,10(6):58-73

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