Plane Reconstruction From 3D Line Clouds Based on Fibonacci Sampling


National Natural Science Foundation of China (61972388), and Shenzhen Basic Research Program (JCYJ20180507182222355)

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    This paper presents a novel plane extraction algorithm based on 3D line cloud model. The algorithm first maps each line segment in the three-dimensional line cloud model to a point on the Gaussian sphere, and simplifies the plane extraction problem in the 3D space as a fitting problem of the plane through the sphere center. Then, the approximate uniform sampling is applied to the Gaussian sphere, and a plane passing through the sphere center is fitted. Finally, the plane can be extracted by separating parallel planes according to the intercept of the plane equation. The experimental results show that, in terms of the completeness of the plane extraction and the quality of plane extraction, the proposed algorithm has a significant improvement compared with classical plane extraction algorithms.

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WU Kai, ZHOU Jiaxin, CHENG Zhanglin. Plane Reconstruction From 3D Line Clouds Based on Fibonacci Sampling[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2021,10(6):74-85

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