Model-guided 3D Printing Combining Continuous and Layer-wise Manufacturing


Beijing Municipal Education Committee Science Foundation (KZ202110005007)

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    In continuous mask projection 3D printing, due to the limited resin filling distance in a limited time, continuous forming is suitable for hollow structure or sheet structure. For the solid structures it is easy to fail in printing due to the insufficient resin filling in the process of printing. In addition, continuous printing based on ploydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) film soaked in lubricating fluid has limited printable height due to the loss of lubricating fluid in the printing process. To solve the above problems, a model guided 3D printing scheme combining layer-wise and continuous printing is proposed. The printing plane is formed by a certain thickness of fluorinated oil (also known as lubricating fluid) with a density greater than the resin and immiscible with the resin, which greatly reduces the adhesion between the printed object and the forming plane. Furthermore, experiments are designed to estimate the Maximum Filling Distance (MFD) and the Optimal Lifting Height (OLH) under the liquid-liquid interface. Based on MFD, combined with the Minimum-Maximum Distance (DisMax-Min) of model slices, the continuous printing and layer-wise printing are effectively connected. Based on OLH, with model analysis, the optimal lifting height of the platform could be estimated for layer-wise printing. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed scheme can print the model height without restriction by lubrication fluid , and it can print the models of both solid and hollow structures. Compared with the traditional layer-wise printing scheme, the proposed method is more efficient.

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LI Yandong, WU Lifang, CUI Kejian, YANG Feng, ZHAO Lidong. Model-guided 3D Printing Combining Continuous and Layer-wise Manufacturing[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2022,11(1):88-96

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