Correlation Between Hair Regrowth and Drug Addiction Susceptibility in Rats


Shenzhen Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (RCJC20200714114556103); Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Drug Addiction (ZDSYS20190902093601675) and Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Foundation (2021A1515010729)

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    Drug addiction is an intractable chronic neuropsychiatric disorder that raises serious social problems. The study of individual susceptibility in drug addiction may contribute to our understanding of neurobiological mechanism underlying addiction and making risk assessment of individual vulnerability. Use the gray-scale analysis evaluate the hair regrowth ability, and assess the addiction susceptibility with conditioned place preference and intravenous self-administration paradigm in rats. The results revealed a significant negative correlation between addiction susceptibility and hair regrowth ability. The rats with fast hair regrowth ability exhibited less CPP score and reduced drug-seeking behavior in the methamphetamine self-administration model. The open field test showed no differences in the locomotor activity and anxiety level between the two groups. The findings may be helpful for predicting drug addiction risk and further exploring the neurobiological mechanisms of addiction susceptibility based on this phenotypic difference.

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JIANG Chenyu, XU Yunlong, LIU Yutong, XU Wei, ZHU Yingjie. Correlation Between Hair Regrowth and Drug Addiction Susceptibility in Rats[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2022,11(5):23-33

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