Government Data Sharing Operation Mechanism Under the Background of Digital Government


National Key Research and Development Project of China (2019YFB2102500)

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    Government data sharing is an important foundation for promoting the construction of digital government and realizing the modernization of government’s governance system and capacity. In the past, the research on government data sharing focused on the establishment of data sharing management mechanism and the construction of technical support capacity of the platform, while the key to achieving efficient allocation of data value lies in the quality of supplied data and the guarantee of the sharing services. This paper summarizes the current operation mode of government data sharing service, and points out that the mode of “physical convergence and unified service” needs to pay attention to the possible security risks of high concentration of data, and there are some problems in the data sharing operation under the decentralized service mode, such as the demand of each department cannot be met quickly, the efficiency of data sharing is low, and the quality of data sharing service is poor. On this basis, a “joint operation” mode is proposed, which is jointly constructed by the data providers and the platform operators. This mode requires the data provider to be responsible for ensuring the quality of the data source, the platform operator to be responsible for the labeling and service capability of the data service, and both parties to jointly optimize the authorization mechanism and ensure the quality of shared services.

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XU Chunxue, MA Ying. Government Data Sharing Operation Mechanism Under the Background of Digital Government[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2023,12(1):17-25

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