Terahertz Graphene Metasurfaces Antennas for Dynamic Phase Modulation and Beam Steering


This work is supported by Shenzhen Research Foundation for Basic Research (JCYJ20180507182444250, JCYJ20220531100206014)

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    Terahertz wave is the electromagnetic field with frequencies between that of infrared and millimeter waves. It has attracted increasing attention in both fundamental research and technological applications for its unique characteristics. In terahertz telecommunication, radar and imaging systems, terahertz antenna is key for the performance. To date, reported terahertz antennas suffer from limited phase modulation, relatively low efficiency and small beaming angle. Here these challenges are addressed by first designing three types of terahertz graphene antennas with the smallest size of 5 μm. Then a novel type of antenna with dual resonances is proposed, and achieve dynamic phase modulation within the full 2π range and meanwhile high efficiency above 20%. This performance surpasses antennas with single resonance since dual resonances alleviate the contradiction between large phase modulation range and high efficiency. Terahertz graphene antennas are fabricated with standard micro-fabrication processes, and experimentally obtained terahertz dynamic phase modulation of 1.03 THz with reflection efficiency above 23%, which agree basically with simulation results. Making use of the phase modulation metasurfaces tuned according to continuous phase coding, terahertz beam steering is numerically realized with dynamic range of -25°~25°. This work will provide a strategy for achieving large-range phase modulation and beam steering beyond the terahertz regime.

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LUO Xiaoqing, HUANG Wenli, WANG Binxu, et al. Terahertz Graphene Metasurfaces Antennas for Dynamic Phase Modulation and Beam Steering[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2023,12(4):77-90

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