Design of Multi-region Temperature Control System for System-on-Chip


This work is supported by Technology Project of the State Grid Corporation of China (5700-202041264A-0-0-00)

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    In system-on-chip (SoC) chip, due to the differences in frequencies and activities of various functional components, uneven heat generation distribution has become a serious problem, which adversely affects the reliability and overall lifespan of the chip. To address this concern, a multi-region temperature acquisition and control system for SoC chip is designed. Firstly, the on-chip bus technology is used for distributed multi-region temperature acquisition to obtain multi-region temperature information of SoC chip. Secondly, a temperature control mechanism is designed, which can both satisfy the need of both local or global temperature control. Based on the real-time data of the temperature acquisition stage, this mechanism coordinates the underclocking, interrupt, and pulse width modulation intelligent cooling system to manage and control the temperature of the chip. Additionally, users are allowed to adjust system parameters through the master control program, which makes the system compatible with various temperature control scenarios. In this study, the experiment was carried out in a large-scale multi-core SoC platform for temperature control system. The experimental results show that the proposed temperature control system can effectively slow down the chip temperature rise rate during SoC operation. Meanwhile, the maximum temperature of the chip area is controlled within the extreme high temperature critical value set by the user within the range of ±3 ℃, indicating that the temperature control system is feasible for SoC chip temperature control.

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LI Dejian, YANG Xiaokun, YANG Lixin, et al. Design of Multi-region Temperature Control System for System-on-Chip[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2023,12(6):43-56

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