20 MPa 高压消声水池系统设计




深圳市科技研发资金项目(JCYJ20180507182200750);广东省促进经济发展专项项目(GDME-2018D004);2019 年中央引导地方科技 发展专项资金项目


The System Design of 20 MPa High Pressure Anechoic Water Tank
Ethical statement:



Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee (JCYJ20180507182200750), Guangdong Economic Development Promoting Projects (GDME-2018D004) and the Central Government Guided Funds for Local S & T Development in 2019

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    随着我国深海探测活动的不断增多,适用于深海声学传感、声学通讯的各种换能器、传感器 以及相关产品需求不断增加,同时对声学测试平台的要求也越来越高。该文提出了一种 20 MPa 高压 消声水池设计方案,可以满足 2 000 m 水深以内的静压力测试,同时配以声学计量系统可实现不同水 深条件下的声学性能测试。耐压舱采用圆柱形外壳,两端端盖为半球形,内部直径 1.5 m,中心轴向 长度 3.0 m,舱顶部设有两个法兰窗口,窗口内径 200 mm,中心间距 1.0 m,可满足最大尺寸不超过 0.1 m 的声学器件的测量。舱内部安装红松木质的消声尖劈。尖劈采用中空结构,安装后的舱内有效 内径 0.9 m,有效长度 2.14 m(中心轴向)。声学测量(自由场互易法)的设计频率下限为 10 kHz。基于 Comsol 声学模拟,10~58 kHz 频段的回声干涉量大于 1 dB,可采用脉冲波法测量,其中发射脉冲宽 度不超过最短声程差 230 μs(声速 1 500 m/s)。58 kHz 以上频段的回声干涉量不超过 1 dB,可采用连续 波法测量。此外,舱内设有旋转转动机构和轴向伸缩机构,可满足不同角度和不同距离的测量要求, 同时设有照明和摄像系统,满足实时观测的需求。舱内中间段的消声尖劈设计为可拆卸式,且一端舱 盖为电动开合设计,因此也可满足较大尺寸仪器设备的静压力测试需求


    With the increasing activities of deep-sea exploration in China, the demand for various transducers, sensors and related products suitable for deep-sea acoustic sensing and testing platforms are also increasing. In this paper, a 20 MPa high-pressure anechoic tank is designed to satisfy the static pressure test within 2 000 meters of water depth, and the acoustic performance test under different water depths can be realized with the additional acoustic metering system. The tank adopts a cylindrical shell, and the covers at both ends are hemispherical. Its inner diameter is 1.5 m and the length at the central axis is 3.0 m. Two flange openings at the top of the tank are provided with a spacing of 1.0 m, which can satisfy the measurement of acoustic devices with a size up to 0.1 m. The water tank is internally equipped with Korean pine made silencing wedges. The wedge has a hollow structure, and the installed cabin has an effective inner diameter of 0.9 m and an effective length of 2.14 m (central axis). The lowest working frequency of acoustic measurement (free field reciprocity method) is designed as 10 kHz. According to the Comsol simulation results, the echo interference from 10 kHz to 58 kHz is larger than 1 dB, which means the measurement should use pulse wave method, and the transmission pulse width does not exceed the shortest sound path difference of 230 μs (sound speed: 1 500 m/s). The echo interference in the frequency band above 58 kHz does not exceed 1dB, which means continuous wave method can be used. Besides, the cabin is equipped with a rotating mechanism and an axial telescopic mechanism, which can meet the measurement requirements of different angles and distances. At the same time, it is equipped with lighting and camera to meet the needs of real-time observation. The anechoic wedge in the middle section of the cabin is designed to be detachable, and the hatch cover at one end is designed to be electrically opened and closed, so it can also meet the static pressure test requirement of large-sized equipment.


张永亮,江 敏,季念迎,等.20 MPa 高压消声水池系统设计 [J].集成技术,2021,10(2):63-74

Citing format
ZHANG Yongliang, JIANG Min, JI Nianying, et al. The System Design of 20 MPa High Pressure Anechoic Water Tank[J]. Journal of Integration Technology,2021,10(2):63-74

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